How Do I Add My Clients?

Last Updated:

March 28, 2022

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1. As a Provider, you can add clients to your Clinic Practice

2. Login to your Treehouse Community profile and click on Practice Management

3. Under the Business Manager menu panel, click Clinic Member Management

4. Under the panel labeled Invite Clients, type in your client’s email 

5. You can add more than one client at once by entering an email and then hitting either “Enter” or “Tab” to add another client

6. Once all client emails have been entered, click Invite

7. Your client(s) will receive an email invite notifying them within 24 hours that you have invited them to join your Clinic. They will receive instructions in the email. 

8. Under Client List, you can view the list of clients with the following statuses:

  • (Pending) The client has not accepted their invite to join yet
  • (Expired) The invite expired before the client was able to accept. You are able to re-invite them.
  • (Connected) The client has accepted your invite.
  • (Declined) The client has declined the invite. 

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