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We are officially LIVE with Community Plus!

June 1, 2022
Julia Slanina
Founder & CEO

Our team at Treehouse and I are so excited to welcome you and your clients to our newest version of Treehouse – Community PLUS. Over the last several months, we have been working hard, listening to our testers, and a lot of the feedback given from our initial community of users. This newest version allows allied health professionals to do so much more while optimizing their client experience and interaction. 

Some of the core features will allow you to take the stress out of managing your business with our all-in-one care delivery platform. Provide personalized care with the ability to create custom forms, documentation and notes in individual client profiles, as well as host virtual appointments through secure video conferencing. Community PLUS is not only there for you as an allied health professional, but for your clients who receive an interactive portal to stay connected to you and anyone else on their care team. 

At Treehouse, our technology allows practitioners to effectively meet the healthcare needs of the people they serve. Our Community and Community PLUS allows allied healthcare professionals to seamlessly connect with their clients, be a leader, health advocate, collaborator and communicator during the time they support their client. 

Treehouse looks to the future and shines a spotlight on the importance of family health care from pre-conception to early childhood healthcare and how it shapes the world around us. We strive to link providers to all people in order to create a space where optimal care is a standard and not a luxury. 

Our team is always here to listen and learn more about how we can support you and your clients. Let us welcome you to our Treehouse, where we can nurture the future together! Not sure if Treehouse is right for your practice? Try it out for free – register today at

Be well, 

Julia Slanina, CEO & Treehouse Team 

About The Author

As a graduate of the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA), Julia’s career began in foreign affairs. However, due to her love for health and science, she changed career paths and began pursuing her dream of becoming a family doctor. With an unexpected family emergency, she had to put her medical degree on hold, and become the primary caregiver for her one-year-old son and her mother. Throughout this time, Julia was struggling to navigate her new journey as a mother and found it extremely difficult to stay connected with the support that she needed. This experience showed her the need to improve community healthcare for children and families across Canada. Because of this, she began focusing her medical knowledge on developing the technology to improve client, patient, and industry outcomes.

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