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January 20, 2022
Julia Slanina
Founder & CEO

Over the last year as Treehouse has grown, one of the key elements to its success has been its people, and the power of our small and mighty team. One of our biggest successes has been being able to slowly and tactfully build a strategic team based on Treehouse’s needs, goals, and milestones. By sharing our mission with prospective candidates and gauging whether it fits within their personal career goals, we are able to find talent that is just as committed to our company culture as we are!

The Treehouse culture has grown from strong values, purpose, empathetic leadership, and a place where people feel like they belong and are heard. Our team is entirely remote across Ontario and Quebec, and some of us have never physically met even though we have been working for over a year together. Regular meetings and events are the way that we all stay connected to the goals and values of Treehouse. 

Every quarter, we bring the team together with a Town Hall meeting to go through a quarterly roundup, milestone celebrations and reflections, and key takeaways. During our employee spotlights, our team is able to share their accomplishments and how they overcame any struggles, allowing everyone to engage with the work their colleagues are doing, provide positive feedback, and support one another. Each Town Hall is closed with any open feedback our team members want to share. In addition to our Town Halls, we host a monthly virtual lunch. The aim of this meeting is to provide a bit of “office normalcy” and promote feelings of connection to our peers in a non-professional way. We all get busy with deliverables, deadlines, and what’s next on the agenda, but at our virtual lunches, we can let loose and hang around the “virtual” water cooler. 

Looking back at our childhoods and adult lives, the jobs, sports, and extracurricular activities that gave us the most positive feelings - and those that are linked to the most significant memories - are the ones that aligned most closely with our values and sense of meaning. Regardless of the work at hand, when we feel connected and valued, and when we have opportunities to learn and grow, we are more likely to want to stay and contribute. Have you ever thought about the most valuable volunteer experiences you have had? The best sports team you have ever played on? What was one of the organization’s core values? Most people will say things like: an amazing coach, the camaraderie of the team, or the personal and professional growth associated with that role. At Treehouse, we aim to be focussed on those same values as we strive to build a vibrant and inclusive culture.

Recently, our team received an anonymous survey asking them how they felt about working at Treehouse. The results show our commitment to putting culture and people first and  demonstrate that our team feels valued, respected, and truly believes that their opinions matter. Here are what some of what our team members say about working at Treehouse: 

“Treehouse has been an incredible opportunity to grow both professionally and personally.” 

“I feel proud to work at Treehouse, not only because I believe in the mission, but also, having a supportive and strong team makes the environment much more enjoyable.” 

We look forward to 2022, where we will continue to build a strong and purposeful team to deliver exceptional tools to our industry.  

What does company culture mean to you? Share your stories and values with us! 

Be well, 

Team Treehouse

About The Author

Julia Slanina is the founder and CEO of Treehouse. Growing up in Alberta, Canada, Julia is a med student turned tech entrepreneur with a passion for improving community healthcare for children & families.

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