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The Treehouse Name Change

January 13, 2022
Julia Slanina
Founder & CEO

Across decades, treehouses, and tree forts have been associated with the sounds of kids playing outdoors and building a trusted little place to share with a group of friends. Perhaps to this day, the nostalgia for simple forts remains important to parents, but also defines a key element to children’s creativity, imaginations, increased gains for life and healthy childhood development. 

When I envisioned the idea behind Treehouse, I always saw it as a place whether you were a  provider, a client, a parent, new or expecting, or someone thinking of starting a family you could get exceptional care. A place like a physical Treehouse where you felt safe, confident and could trust the care you received and the connections you made. The reality is, there are so many different types of providers and practitioners who support individuals throughout their journey of starting a family and helping that family thrive. My commitment at Treehouse was to create a space for that. The way we did it was with the amazing technology that we built and continue to build. 

We wanted to reflect that further, so as a team and with the incredible feedback we received from our amazing Treehouse Champions and followers, we decided to drop Medical from our name and simply be Treehouse. Our solution is focused on raising the standard of maternal and family health by supporting providers, educating families, and advocating for a better standard of care for all. We listened to our customers and followers who regularly tell us that our solution is needed in order to improve care. 

As we approach 2022, we are passionate about accelerating our product growth, building a bigger team, and working with our clients to make an even greater impact in this space. If you are interested in being part of our journey, learning more about how Treehouse can help you, reach out to us and start the conversation. 

Help us welcome you to our Treehouse as we redefine care through our community and nurture the future together.

Be well, 

Julia & Team Treehouse

About The Author

Julia Slanina is the founder and CEO of Treehouse. Growing up in Alberta, Canada, Julia is a med student turned tech entrepreneur with a passion for improving community healthcare for children & families.

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