The Best Ways To Become More Productive At Home & At Work

November 1, 2022
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Being productive all of the time can be very exhausting, but can be extremely beneficial! Many people strive to be more productive but don’t always know how to motivate themselves or even where to begin. This list will give you tools that you can use in your daily life to increase your productivity and set yourself up for success. 

1. Clean your workspace

Have you ever had a sticky note and put something really important on it, only to have it lost in your pile of paper and desk mess? This is completely normal and many of us have done this at least once. By having a clean workspace, you can elevate your productivity and keep you mentally organized and focused on the task at hand. Your office/desk space does not have to be perfect but having the environment semi-tidy will help! 

2. Set daily and long-term goals

Goals are always great to have as they give you a clear direction. When you create weekly and even daily goals for yourself, it can really help you and change the way you work – aka be more productive. We highly recommend writing your goals down as it's easy to forget if you don’t! When you clearly define your goals, you can measure your own success and track your progress; again keeping you on task and maximizing your productivity. Additionally, when you write them down you get to have the satisfaction of crossing items out once they have been completed. 

3. Get yourself ready every day

This one is pretty simple and it relates back to a saying, “Look good, feel good”. If you wake up and get yourself ready and put in the extra 10-15 minutes, you will feel more confident and boost your mood. By putting yourself in a positive mindset at the very start of your day, you set yourself up for success. Dress and present yourself everyday as if you were ready to take on the world! 

4. Make a Vision board

Maybe you have never thought about doing a vision board, but maybe you have. If you haven’t or have and haven’t started on, here is your little nudge to do just that! Vision boards are a great way to visualize your goals, future, and passions. By having a vision board, you can always refer to it to remind yourself of where you are going and give you that extra motivation to be more productive. 

5. Get yourself organized

Sure, having an organized workspace is one thing. But having to organize yourself as a person is a whole different ball game. Getting yourself organized requires lots of dedication and time. Things will not happen overnight but by taking small steps in the right direction everyday, you will begin to see progress! Everyone has their own way of interpreting what getting organized themselves means, but here are a few tips that can help. Get yourself a planner/agenda, this will help structure your day. Make your bed every morning – although this may seem silly, you will appreciate it at the end of the day when you climb into a fresh made bed. Set rules for yourself, these don’t have to be crazy either. For example, start with one simple rule – “Don’t put it down, put it away”. By sticking to this everyday, you will start to notice a change in your mood, mindset, and overall organization. 

6. Create a Routine & Stick To It

Again, similarly to getting yourself organized, you will have to have a rough idea of your ideal daily routine. Refer to your vision board to help you create a routine that will reach your goals as it will help give you a clear direction. Once you define what the routine looks like, start to slowly incorporate one item each day or even each week. If you completely change your routine overnight, you could end up stopping as it may seem too much or too hard. 

7. Write Everything Out

It’s always a good idea to write things out – To do lists, grocery lists, routines, etc.. By writing them out, you will remember it better and will also give you the satisfaction of crossing items off of your list. This will keep you on task, organized and ultimately more productive. 

8. Set deadlines for certain tasks

Having deadlines for tasks will help you again stay organized. It will allow you to prioritize your day and determine what needs to be done to hit each deadline. Deadlines may seem a scary thing at first but once you begin to focus on the tasks that are most important and time sensitive, you will begin to get the feeling of fulfillment each time a deadline is met! Once you find enjoyment in time management, it will allow you to start applying this across your entire life and become overall more productive. 

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