Signs you’re ready for pregnancy

February 10, 2022
Jache Windover
Aspiring Mom & Marketing Manager at Treehouse

Does it seem like all of your friends are sharing their pregnancy announcements or plans to adopt? Have you already picked out your baby names or maybe you are already casually browsing the baby section of Walmart? Whatever the reason, you are wondering, “Am I ready to have a baby?” Find out if you show the signs that indicate you are ready… cough cough according to the internet. Because the internet has all the answers, am I right?

  1. You are okay with less “me time” because let's be honest babies are needy AF.
    Be prepared to never go to the bathroom privately by yourself again. It is no longer just you looking out for yourself. You have a whole new life to take care of and provide for – Oh man, even saying that seems like a lot of pressure.
  2. The thought of baby expenses (& child expenses– because they do grow up) doesn’t make you want to curl up in a ball and cry.
    Okay listen, people always say “You will never be financially ready to have a baby” but if you plan early and talk openly with your partner about your financial goals, you can go ahead and throw that quote right out the window.
  3. You have done your homework and know your job’s parental leave policy.
    This may seem a little far out to think about but again this is an important step when planning to have a baby!
  4. You have worked out the big kinks in your relationship.*if applicable.
    Because babies do not solve relationship problems. Let's repeat this a little louder for those in the back, babies DO NOT solve relationship problems.
  5. You have a secret BABY ROOM IDEAS board on Pinterest.
    We see you and it’s not a secret hunny. We’ve been there too.
  6. You find an excuse to bring up baby talk every time you can.
    "So what does everyone think about circumcision?"
  7. This may be obvious, but you actually like kids.
    Again this may seem like a no-brainer but when you become a parent, you are not only signing up for your own kid. You are signing up for everyone’s kid in the neighbourhood, on the soccer team, and in the classroom.
  8. You are an up-all-nighter and an early riser.
    You have accepted the fact that you will be a zombie for the rest of your life. No no, just kidding… well only a little.
  9. You can successfully clean up the dog poop from the backyard without gagging.
    This is a huge win and should be celebrated. After all who knows when you will answer the door with poop on your face.
  10. IYKYK.
    Enough said. You don’t need to explain yourself – if you know, you know.

If we are all going to be completely honest, no list on the internet will tell you when you are ready. You will just know. It’s your body, your family, and your choice when you choose to have a baby. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

About The Author

Playful, hardworking and organized, Jache Windover leads all of the marketing initiatives for Treehouse as the marketing manager. A graduate of Loyalist College with a diploma in Business Sales and Marketing, she has assisted in the planning and execution of experiential marketing events and social campaigns across Canada.

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