Privacy Awareness Training

May 19, 2022
Sean O’Brien
Chief Technology Officer

The global coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak serves as a stark reminder of why the movement towards cloud-based practice management and digital health tools are so important.

The need for digital health innovation could not be more pressing and cloud-based technologies, like Treehouse, have the ability to address this challenge. By providing allied healthcare providers with the capability to deliver care virtually, they are able to better serve more clients and remove the restriction of geographical location – especially in rural and underserved communities that do not have access to support. 

In digital healthcare, protecting the personal health information (PHI) of clients is a top priority and needs to be taken very seriously. HIPAA breaches are devastating to both clients and providers, personally and emotionally, and can also have severe monetary consequences for the companies responsible. For context, the average cost of a healthcare data breach in 2021 rose to $9.42 Million. Even for smaller healthcare companies, costs can be significant, with each HIPAA violation costing between $100-$50,000 per patient record.

Although you may not consider yourself to be a ‘traditional healthcare worker”, allied healthcare professionals must still adhere to the same rules and privacy standards. Treehouse is committed to educating customers and the community on why this applies to them and their practice. 

Data privacy is part of the general hygienic practices of your business, and at Treehouse, we can help you protect your business and your clients. Our technology is not only secure and HIPAA compliant, we take our responsibility very seriously and have designed a privacy awareness training course specifically for allied healthcare professionals and their teams. Faith and trust are paramount to your business, but clients will only ever feel assured if you can guarantee their safety and privacy. Without the promise of security and transparent protection, technology like Treehouse would be unable to deliver value. This is why we do what we do and are committed to delivering the best solution in the industry. 

Treehouse has been a champion of digital health since our inception and we are proud to work with so many customers who are fighting tirelessly to fulfill this promise. 

Start protecting your business and enroll your team in the privacy training today! 

Be well, 

Sean O’Brien

Chief Technology Officer

About The Author

Sean O'Brien is a highly respected ICT executive with over 30 year’s experience in healthcare. Formerly the Chief Information and Chief Privacy Officer at the Winchester District Memorial Hospital, Sean maintains an impressive track record with major accomplishments that include: building Canada's 1st IP based nurse call system integrated with the Cisco Voice over IP telephony system; and developing, implementing and hosting the technology for eConsult. An application that is now used widely across ON, MB, NL, and Nunavut. He was also the strategy and implementation behind LHINworks at the Winchester Hospital which is now used by over 10,000 users and 500 organizations across Ontario.

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