5 Indoor Activities For The Whole Family

October 8, 2020

Thanksgiving weekend is here already! Even though we are isolated this year, that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate in creative ways. Treehouse Medical has compiled a list of activities that are family oriented for you and your little turkeys to try this Thanksgiving!

1. Hand & foot turkeys

All you need for this craft is a water based paint, a hand or foot, construction paper, and googly eyes. Cover the hand or foot in skin-safe paint, and press onto construction paper. Let it dry, then cut out a nose and snood for the turkey and glue onto the hand/foot print. Add googly eyes for the final touch!

2. Fall leaves window craft

For this creative craft, turn to nature! With your little ones, go outside and pick out 5-6 beautiful autumn leaves. Next, gather wax paper, an iron, and a thin towel. Put the leaves in between two sheets of wax paper, put the towel on top, and use the iron to bind the paper together with the leaves in the middle. When you are finished, you can display the craft in a window, on a wall, or wherever you would like.

3. “I’m grateful for…” colouring activity

This activity is very simple and engaging for kids. We have linked a “I’m grateful for…” template that you can print off at home. Ask your kids what they are grateful for, why, and encourage them to write and draw it down on the paper. 

4. Mini pumpkin hunt

Consider this fun take on Easter egg hunts. Instead of hiding plastic eggs, hide mini pumpkins instead! This hunt will be fun for kids (and adults), and is a great activity conducive to social distancing. 

5. Decorate Thanksgiving shirts

Another fun thanksgiving activity that the whole family can do together is Thanksgiving t-shirt decorating. Get your little one to place their hand on a plain white shirt while you trace their hand with a fabric marker, or if they’re old enough they can do this step themselves. Allow them to colour in the “turkey” and add details like feet, a nose, eyes, and snood.

Although Thanksgiving looks drastically different this year, the sentiment of the holiday remains the same. It is important this year more than ever to be grateful for everything we have, even the little things. We encourage everyone to reflect on how they can help others during this Thanksgiving season. We hope that these creative ideas bring some joy to your thanksgiving celebration. Happy Thanksgiving!

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