Clearing Your Mind After A Busy Workday

November 1, 2022
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Are you feeling burnout, tired, stressed, or overwhelmed after work? Do you find that you can’t stop thinking about everything you have to do even when you are at home? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many people struggle to leave work at work and clear their minds after a busy day. Here are 6 things that you can do to have a clear and calm mind after work:

1. Brain Dumping

Doing a quick brain dump and putting all of your thoughts down on paper or on a computer will help clear your mind. Ideally, a brain dump is quick 5-10 minutes, however, it can be for as long as you’d like. Putting down thoughts that are crowding your brain will free up space and allow you to become more productive post-work, whether that be learning something new or taking the time to unwind and relax.

2. Get Moving

People who participate in regular activity tend to feel more energetic, sleep better, and feel more relaxed. Exercise can have a large positive effect on depression, stress, and anxiety. It can help improve your memory, boost your mood, and ultimately make you feel more positive about yourself and your life. Of course, you can be someone who hits the gym everyday at 5AM but for most of us, that is just not doable and don’t kill yourself trying to be that person if it's just not for you. A 15-minute walk after work can help clear your mind, improve mood and boost your overall energy for the day. 

3. Drink Water

Water has the power to improve brain health – it helps increase blood flow and oxygen. Drinking enough water a day can improve focus and memory, plus balance your mood, minimize stress and reduce the frequency of headaches. To determine how much water you should drink, comes down to weight and daily activities. If you are someone who is doing exercise or is in the heat all-day, your water intake will be a lot higher than someone who sits at a computer all day. On average, individuals should drink at least 2-3L of water per day. 

4. Snack Time

Dark chocolate, salmon (aka fatty fish), nuts & almonds, pumpkin seeds, shrimp, blueberries, and spinach are just a few different foods that you can eat to help reduce brain fog and increase brain function. However, it is always best to consult with your dietician or nutritionist to learn more about what you should be eating for your body. 

5. Meditate & Breathing Exercises

Meditation is a great way to clear your mind. It is practiced by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. As meditation works on eliminating distractions and bringing your focus to breathing, it helps clear your mind when feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious. There are various types of meditation techniques, mantra chanting or visualization, that you can do. However, if you are just starting out, it is recommended to follow a guided meditation which you can search for on YouTube. It may feel silly at first but it is one of the best ways to clear your mind! 

6. Blocking Distractions

Block distractions can be hard, especially if you are getting home to kids, pets, etc. However, there are a few small things that you can do to help clear your mind. If you are able too, we recommend silencing all and any work pings – emails, slack, messages, etc. This will give you time to separate yourself from work and give yourself time to unwind. Listening to music with headphones is another great way to quickly block out distractions, even if it to quickly listen to your favourite song – putting you in a more positive mood. You can even take 10 minutes and sit in a room by yourself just to have some alone time (i.e. Parents try taking an extra 2 minutes in the bathroom to give yourself a break). Finally, it is always good to clean up and tidy so you feel relaxed in your own space without having a ton of to-do’s running through your mind. 

(BONUS) 7. Connect With Loved Ones & Enjoy Your Time Alone

We recently asked providers, who use Treehouse to run their businesses, what they do to unwind after work. Lara Proud is an early childhood educator, lactation consultant, registered nurse, and owner of Beyond The Bump Education has this to say.

“I start winding down by putting my son to bed. It’s my favourite way to slow down and reconnect! Then tidying up while listening to a book, music or a show while cleaning up and packing lunches.Down time and unwinding is so different now that I own my own business, am a mom, and have so much on the go. It becomes even more important to stay organized and also take time for myself. It can be really challenging to totally turn off the work because it’s always there.” 

Calming your mind after a busy workday is definitely a priority when it comes to a positive work-life balance. We are dedicated to help allied healthcare providers streamline their workflow and provide the tools and resources to become more organized and optimize their time. 

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