My Chat Messages Are Not Loading

Last Updated:

July 26, 2022

We recommend using Google Chrome as our platform has been optimized for Chrome.

  1. Login to Treehouse Community (Community or Community Plus) and open the Chat Messenger
  2. Right-click anywhere on the page and click Inspect
  3. Wait for the Inspect Panel to open which will be on the right-hand side
  4. Go to the Refresh button on your browser (i.e. Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari), right click on the Refresh button (do not refresh the page) and select "Clear Cache and Hard Reload"
  5. IF you cannot access those options, you can also use Ctrl+R, Ctrl+Shift+R or Cmd+Shift+R.
  6. This will reload the page and the Messages should populate.
  7. If you still do not see the messages, close the tab you are on and open a new tab and go to the Messenger page.