How Do I View A Submitted Form?

Last Updated:

December 12, 2022

1. Login to Community Plus through

2. Navigate to Clients and click View Profile of the client you wish to send a form to.

3. Click on eForms within the client profile.

4. If a form has been submitted, the status will change to Not Approved. You will have the opportunity to review the information provided by the client.

5. If you have added a hidden section (i.e. For Office Use Only), when you click on View Form, you will have the chance to add notes to the hidden section.

6. Click Save Changes if you need to make further edits. Otherwise, click Mark as Complete to lock and finalize the form submission. No changes can be made after the form has been finalized.

7. The status of the form will change to Complete and the Submitted date will be updated to reflect the day the client submitted the form.