How Do I Build A Form?

Last Updated:

December 12, 2022

1. Login to Community Plus through

2. Click on Templates to begin building a form template.

3. Click Create Template on the top right corner of your page and select Start From Scratch.

4. The form builder will now open. You can drag different form elements from the Form Builder Panel on the left to the empty space to begin building your form.

5. Give your form a title by filling out the Form Header field.

6. Drag each field into the dotted area to place it onto your form.

7. Click on each form field to edit the field.

  • Enter a field label name
  • Make the field required by selecting “Required field
  • Make the field hidden from clients by selecting “Hidden field
  • Click “Done” to save your changes or “Cancel” to discard your changes.

8. Preview your form before sending it to clients by clicking “Preview

9. Once complete, click Save.

Moving Form Fields or Creating Columns

1. Move form fields by hovering over the field until you see the the “dragger” appear and click on the dragger to move the form field either up, down, or beside another existing form field to create a column.

2. To create a column, drag the form element to a section on the form until you see dotted boxes appear and drop the element into one of the dotted boxes:

Deleting a Form Field

  1. Hover over a form field until you see the red trash can icon appear and click the icon to delete the field.

What are the different form fields?

1. Text Field: is single text line field where users can enter short texts such as their first name, full name, email address, or city.

2. Text Area: is a multi-text line field where users can provide more detailed information related to their health history or pregnancy journey.

3. Checklist: this field allows users to select multiple options related to their health or care plan.

4. Radio Group: this field restricts users to only selecting one option

5. List: this fields allows you to list out different items or conditions, for example, you may choose to outline the policies of your practice on a service agreement form

8. Divider: add a line or break to your form to organize sections