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Treehouse works with clinics, sole practitioners, agencies, and health care networks interested in offering their client network an integrative tech solution for the maternal-fetal and early childhood community.

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User interface of the community support groups
Chat between a registered midwife and her patient
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Treehouse Community

Help widen your platform and grow your reach by empowering and educating clients all across the maternal healthcare community.

Interact and engage with individuals and families across the platform to support them and demonstrate the unique benefits of your practice.

Interact and engage with other Treehouse Community clients and providers by hosting classes, courses and online webinars.

Access a wealth of resources, podcasts and community groups covering everything from sizing baby clothes to tips for soothing a fussy baby.

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Practice Management Solution

An online dashboard for Providers to organize and manage their staff while supporting and connecting them with clients across the country. Using an innovative care management system to make sharing and tracking information a simple and streamlined process.

Intuitive client management tabs allow Practices to track due dates, milestones and send messages with ease.

View profiles, book appointments, share documents and maintain up-to-date notes to easily share and support the individual needs of every client.

Built-in direct messaging and video calls offer an accessible way to stay up-to-date with clients and support their needs.

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A UI example of a virtual call between a doula and a parent

Partnering with Maternal Care Providers Specializing from Conception to Early Childhood

Don’t see your specialty? Check back soon—we’re always adding to our roster.

Prenatal Care

Birth Doula
High-risk Coach

Postnatal Care & Parenting

Behaviour Analyst
Childcare Consultant
Developmental Psychologist
Lactation Consultant
Parent Coach
Pediatric Chiropractor
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Pediatric Occupational Therapist
Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist
Placenta Encapsulator
Sleep Coach
Speech Therapist
Special Education Advocate

All Stages

Career coach
Diabetes Coach
Maternity / Newborn Photographers
Mental Health Provider
Naturopathic Family Physician
Nurse Practitioner
Physical Therapist
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Wellness Coach

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